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2nd September 2008  

This site is now online, In order to avoid further delays to publication I have not commented on some of the primary source documentation. The actual documents are however included as searchable pdf's. I will add full comments as time permits.
The sources that I have added that are especially instructive are the rare1869 and 1870 Liverpool Literary and Philosophical Society papers that lay the foundations for modern Muggletonian scholarship. The Bibliotheca Anti-Quakeriana while not in its 1968 reprinted form rare offers the best Muggletonian bibliography prepared to date. George Charles Williamson's 1919 work "Lodowick Muggleton : A Paper" is also of great interest.
The rarest documents include the texts of the Frost's letters to the British Museum concerning "The Works", an as yet unpublished original Muggletonian letter dating from 1823 and the full text of the 1846 work "Two Systems of Astronomy".
To start reading the writings of the Prophets I would recommend that you initially read the quite startling "General Epistle from the Holy Spirit", the gentle letters of the Prophet Reeve in "Sacred Remains" and the informative "Acts of the Witnesses of Spirit ".


3rd September 2008  

I have today purchased a copy of the 1755 (first) edition of "A Volume of Spiritual Epistles", it is presently being restored but when possible I will add a frontpage scan to this site.


5th December 2008  

I have now received my rebound 1755 edition of "A Volume of Spiritual Epistles", this wonderful volume is bound with a 1758 edition of "A Stream from the Tree of Life", I have updated the cover scans on this site to the earlier editions that I now have available.


8th March 2009  

I have just purchased first editions of "The Acts of the Witnesses of Spirit" and "The Muggletonian Principles Prevailing" together with a second edition of "A True Interpretation Of The Witch of Endor " and several other volumes, the most interesting is an undated copy of "A Discourse, between John Reeve and Richard Leader, Merchant" which Joseph Smith dates to 1724. I will submit these volumes to my excellent restorer and will add scans in due course.


14th July 2009  

I have just added scans of two rare works (unfortunately so rare that I do not own copies), the 1694 work A true representation of the absurd and mischievous principles of the sect, commonly known by the name of Muggletonians which resulted in Thomas Tomkinson's classic response The Muggletonian Principles Prevailing and the anonymous work A conference betwixt a Muggletonian and a Baptist published in 1739. I have only published the bare texts at the moment and hope to expand my commentaries on these works at a later date. The quality of these scans leaves much to be desired but these are excellent works of great historical importance. I continue working to gain access to further works.


13th August 2009  

I have added pdf scans of the massive three volume "Works" set that Google have made available. These volumes are interesting on so many levels, if you cannot obtain the actual volumes (which I would highly recommend) the scans are a must have.

I have also added eight further rare works, copies of Arden Bonell's work "The principles of the Muggletonians asserted" (as well as the Caleb Flemings "Observations on some articles of the Muggletonians creed" to which Bonell was responding), Muggletons "The prophet Muggleton's epistle to the believers of the commission, touching the rebellion occasioned by the Nine assertions", the anonymous "Muggleton's last will & testament", "News from the sessions house in the Old-Bayly", "Muggleton reviv'd", "An Ellegy on Lodowick Muggleton" and Richard Farnworth's "Truth Ascended".

As before I do not hold the originals of these works and the quality of the copies is sometimes lacking. It is quite expensive acquiring these additions (even in copy form) but I do have several further additions in the pipeline.

17th August 2009  

I have added entries for the very important Dictionary of National Biography Muggletonian biographies by the great Alexander Gordon. Unfortunately some of the scans are very poor. I have also added an incomplete scan of the interesting "The blasphemer tried and cast".

I am working to get better copies as funds allow.

19th August 2009   I have added the interesting response to Clarkson's work "The Quakers Downfall" (which I would love to get my hands on a copy of) The Lying Prophet Discovered And Reproved
31st August 2009  

I have added the anonymous The Amorous Humours And Audacious Adventures Of One WHD, a piece of surprising Muggletonian doggerel at the expense of George Whitefield dating from the 1760's.

I have also purchased a second edition of A Divine Looking Glass dating from 1661.




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