Title   Sacred Remains
Author   John Reeve
Year of Publication  

1706, ? and 1854 (part) and 1856 (part)


The four treatise section republished in 1854 may be found here, the letters section republished in 1856 may be found here.


This collection of five of Reeve's letters starts with an exchange between John Reeve and William Sedgwick.

Sedgwick was evidently supporting Reeve's financially and Reeve commences the exchange by making ten queries of Sedgwick concerning his doctrine and belief. Sedgwick responds in quite is quite a reasonable and measured manner. It is clear that while Sedgwick is not unsympathetic he cannot accept Reeves sole claim to authority. Reeves final response stresses his commission and repeats his claims to authority.

The next letter is to Isaac Pennington consists of ruminations on divine light.

The next letter to the Earl of Pembroke deals mainly with the nature and origins of heaven and hell.

The final letter to a kinsman muses on the distinction between reprobates and the elect and has the interesting observation that:

"Seven months was I, and one more with me on the same account, close prisoners"

This is hardly a ringing endorsement for the importance of his co-prophet that he does not even name. Indeed the Bibliotheca Anti-Quakeriana states that "This book contains nothing by Muggleton, and was probably published by the Reevites".

These five letters were republished as "The Sacred Remains" in 1856 omitting the four works "A General Treatise on the Three Records", "What was from Eternity", The One Personal Uncreated Glory" and "A Cloud of Unerring Witnesses" as these had been published in 1854. attached to "The General Epistle to Ministers" It is these two separate documents that are found on this site although the undated older version contained in "The Works" is a single volume containing both sections.


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