Title   Two Systems of Astronomy
Author   Isaac Frost
Year of Publication   1846
Links   The text can be found here

This fascinating work outlines the Muggletonians rejection of Newtonian physics, the Prophets had stated that as part of their divine revelation that heaven was only six miles above the earth and that the sun and the moon are not much bigger than they appear to our natural sight. The Muggletonians took a very literal view of biblical statements, and especially statements from the Book of Enoch and demanded that these statements (as interpreted by them) should take precedence over what was claimed to be scientific fact.

This work is considered at some length in "Isaac Frost's Two Systems of Astronomy (1846): plebeian resistance and scriptural astronomy" by France Reid, the copy that can be found on this site is a retyped copy of the original that I was not able to reproduce as an image due to the reservation of image rights, I can only reproduce the marvelous plates that I personally own (plates 2, 4, 5, 8 and 11 have been drawn (by Nicola Garrett) so that it is possible to appreciate the full spectrum of the plates), these original plates may be found in the linked copy or high quality scans of the six prints that I own (out of the eleven original prints) can be found here:

Plate 1
Plate 3
Plate 6
Plate 7
Plate 9
Plate 10



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