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I have been collecting Muggletonia for several years and after failing to find anyone who will listen to me talking about the subject decided that my only option was to publish a Muggletonion web site. I started to build this site over two years ago but external pressures have forced many delays to this project, I work full time so I have very limited time and money to commit to this project. While the site is not as complete as I would have liked it still contains the vast majority of Muggletonian literature that is presently available.

I have what I believe to be a respectable collection of material that is in the main very difficult to acquire due to its scarcity and believe that this can be profitably shared to enable all who wish to understand a fascinating movement.

While I disagree fundamentally with Muggletonian belief, which is certainly heretical in many respects, the movement was coherent and logical and in this regard it deserves our respect and understanding. In this day and age where the concept of orthodoxy is condemned as narrow dogmatism and eternal truth's are believed to be subjective rather than objective in character it is important that people think about the great eternal questions. I hope that in considering Muggletonianism peoples eyes are opened to the character of God, the distinction between the creator and his sinful fallen creation and the Love of God to his people through the atoning death of Jesus Christ, the second person of the triune God.

The civil war period was the most fascinating period of English history to date, the English people revolted, committed regicide and discussed ideas that are advanced even by today's standards. Out of this maelstrom numerous sects appeared, few lasting more than a generation. Only the Quakers with their man centered idolatry and the Muggletonians with their God who was a man survived into the twentieth century, the Muggletonians deserve to be remembered as a quintessentially English sect.

I have already published a site at explaining reformed theology and have just completed my next project, a web site concerning that hero of the faith, Augustus Montague Toplady.

Mike Pettit





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