Title   A General Epistle From the Holy Spirit Unto all Prophets, Ministers or Speakers in the World
Author   John Reeve and Lodowicke Muggleton
Year of Publication   1653, 1719, 1831? and 1854
Links   The text of the R Brown version may be read here

This second publication by the prophets followed "A Transcendent Spiritual Treatise" and sets out the central tenant that there can be no spirit without a body, and establishing the credentials of the prophets. The lack of commission for all other preachers is proclaimed and they are ordered to desist from preaching or teaching, a failure to obey this message of the holy spirit on pain of being cursed and damned, both soul and body, unto all eternity.

I have three Victorian editions of this short work, one printed by R Brown (tentatively being dated in the Bibliotheca as dating from 1831), one printed in 1854 with "Sacred Remains"and a further undated copy printed by R Feeny, Clerkenwell, that is not mentioned in the Bibliotheca.


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