Title   The Works (3 volumes)
Author   John Reeve & Lodowick Muggleton
Year of Publication   1832
Links   A text of the letter accompanying these volume when gifted to the British Museum may be seen here, the text of the letter requesting that a notification of the error in not ensuring that it was Muggleton's later text (rather than Reeve's earlier text) be placed in the volumes may be seen here and a text of the letter announcing this error to the faithful be be read here.

“The Works” is in many ways the crowning glory of the nineteenth century Muggletonian republication effort, it is advertised for sale at the princely sum of £2 7s.

These volumes appear to contain a mixture of new printings and old editions that presumably were in the Church’s possession. The contents (which was also printed separately here) of the works (and the editions of each section) are as follows:

Volume 1

1832   General Index to John Reeve & Lodowicke Muggletons Works
1822   A Transcendent Spiritual Treatise
Undated   A General Epistle from the Holy Spirit
1831   A Remonstrance from the Eternal God
1760   A Divine Looking Glass
Undated   Joyful News from Heaven
1833   A True Interpretation of the Eleventh Chapter of the Revelation of Saint John

Volume 2

1808   A True Interpretation of all the Chief Texts and Mysterious Sayings and Visions Opened of the Whole Book of the Revelation of St. John
1831   A True Interpretation of the Witch of Endor
1776   The Neck of the Quakers Broken, including "A Letter sent to Thomas Taylor, Quaker", (missing in one of my copies)
1756   A Looking Glass for George Fox
1835   The Answer to William Penn, Quaker
1831   An Answer to Isaac Pennington

Volume 3

1758   A Stream from the Tree of Life
Undated   Sacred Remains
1820   A Book of Letters
1831   Supplement to the Book of Letters
1764   The Acts of the Witnesses of the Spirit
1808   A True Account of the Trial and Sufferings of Lodowicke Muggleton

It is interesting that I have a copy that seems to be missing a work, one could speculate that perhaps the supply of older volumes to incorporate in the works had been exhausted, the copy missing the work is annotated as a gift from Joseph Frost to his son so perhaps this incomplete copy was deliberately not sold. It is also interesting that the three volumes are credited to 1832 whereas an element contained in the volumes is dated 1833 and another 1835.

The three volumes of the works were donated to the British Museum under cover of a letter, the text of which can be read at this link:

It was with some horror that the Frosts discovered that the copy of the Divine Looking Glass included in “The Works” was the 1760 edition that had discarded several of the revisions undertaken by Muggleton after the death of Reeve. To the Frost’s this smacked of the Medgate and Birch schisms, they therefore wrote to the British Museum asking for an explanation of the error to be included in the copy of “The Works” (the text of which can be found at this link) and wrote a letter to the faithful explaining the error, the text of which can be found at this link.

The Frosts appear to have attempted a fresh effort at publishing the collected works when in 1854 they published the first volume of “The Third Testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ” with the intention to publish the second and third volumes “ at some future period”. The first volume contained fresh editions of A Transcendent Spiritual Treatise, A General Epistle to Ministers, A Remonstrance From The Eternal God, A Divine Looking Glass and Joyful News From Heaven, the extracts dealing with this matter can be seen here.

Google has published scans of each volume (of between 29MB and 48MB each) that can be downloaded at these links for volume 1, volume 2 and volume 3.


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