A Transcendent Spiritual Treatise
Author   John Reeve & Lodowick Muggleton
Year of Publication  

1652, 1711, 1756, 1822, 1846 and 1857

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This short work was John Reeve's first work and it sets out the revelation as revealed to John Reeves, a recurring theme is that each of the key elements was a "revelation of the holy spirit" and that for fourteen hundred years (that is since the commission of blood under the apostles) there has "not been one true prophet nor minister". these revelations were not up for discussion.

The work sets out the method of the revelation and the first lesson, following the actual commission, was the nature of hell and the devil being internal to man.

The work spends much time explaining the nature of God, matter, angels the devil and man. The sin of satan is now the sin living in every man, the devil having transformed himself from a being to the sinful nature in every man. The same evil that caused the downfall of Satan is the same sin that is present in every man. It is spiritual food that keeps the angels pure, this food (of revelation) was kept from Satan.

"his spirit began proudly to imagine and think high and lofty thoughts concerning his own person and great wisdom of spirit within him""

This is the evil of "reason" that is the root of the seed of Cain. In chapter five Reeve continues to explain the effect on Adam and Eve:

"being both defiled with the spirit of the serpent-angel of unclean reason and wicked imagination; and this was the cursed effect of their becoming gods""

Here is the root of the key elements of Muggletonian theology and it all appears to be the work of Reeve, at the time Muggleton was clearly a mouthpiece and did not appear to have at the time been blessed with revelations of the holy spirit.

It is also interesting that right from the start the movement was pacifist, very different to the political maneuverings on this very point by the Quakers.

The chapters are as follows:

  1. On the Commission received by voice of words from the spirit.
  2. Of the last great deceiving Anti-christ and Man of Sin, that ever shall be.
  3. On the unlawfulness for a spiritual christian to war with a sword of steel.
  4. On the creation beyond the stars.
  5. Of the creating that reprobate Angel Serpent that beguiled Eve and became a man.
  6. Of the eternal creator , clothing himself with flesh.
  7. VI continued.
  8. Of Eliah the prophet ascending bodily in heaven to represent the person of God the Father.
  9. Of all the prophets or priests or ministers in the world, being false not knowing the true God.
  10. Of all heathen magistrates and their heather prophets.
  11. X continued.
  12. Of the mortality of the soul.
  13. XII continued.
  14. With what bodies the elect shall appear after death.
  15. How the bodies and spirits of the world of elect believers shall be like unto the glorious body of God their redeemer, in his glory to eternity.
  16. Of some difference between the glory of men and angels in glory to heaven above.


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