Title   The Muggletonians: A People Apart
Author   Juleen Eichinger
Year of Publication   1999

This unpublished PHD thesis is the result of one of the first studies of the Muggletonian archives at the British Library.

What is interesting about this work is that it is not a study of the history of the prophets or even of the Muggletonian church but an examination of Muggletonianism as a belief system, its impact on the members and its roots and place in the history of theological thought.

Her conclusion is that the theology is both surprisingly coherent and in the main surprisingly independent of current or recent antecedents in English theological thought. The observation that the movement did not jettison its early beliefs and remained remarkably consistent in its theology is also noteworthy.

This work has therefore not been displaced by later works (such as the excellent Last Witnesses) as this work is unique in that it is solely concerned with the movement as a religious, rather than a social phenomenon.


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