Title   The Book of Enoch
Author   Enoch ?
Year of Publication   This work was first translated into English in 1821 by Richard Laurence.
Links   A translation (by Schodde, not the Muggletonians favoured version by Laurence) of the Book of Enoch may be found here

This work was identified as being canonical by Muggletonians even before its first English translation appeared. Isaac Frost even published D A De Sola's work "Signification of the proper names etc occurring in the book of Enoch.". At chapter 9 of "An Answer to William Penn, Quaker" Muggleton approves of this book on the basis of its approval in "The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs", a book that he accepted as being canonical.

Joseph Frost sets out his support for both the Book of Enoch and The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs in the forward to the 1854 printing of Joyful News from Heaven.

The book of Enoch is notable as being the only non canonical work (from an orthodox point of view) quoted from in the new testament (Jude verse 14).


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