Title   A conference betwixt a Muggletonian and a Baptist, On these Propositions: I. There was no God in Heaven when Christ Jesus was on this Earth. II. God became as a Creature, Sin excepted. III. God dyed
Author   anon
Year of Publication   1739
Links   A copy of this pamphlet may be downloaded here

This is an interesting Muggletonian work, presumably the disputation that it records occurred in or just prior to 1739 which was an interesting period in Muggletonian history and seems to reflect an effort to actively propagate the faith in much the same was that the prophets had done. An effort which seemed to weaken as the church moved into the following century.

The topics discussed are crucial to Muggletonian theology and are addressed in an interesting but perhaps a rather unsatisfying fashion. The work seems to borrow heavily from Modalistic concepts but in answering the first and especially the third assertion the work seems not to address how the modalistic concepts can be reconciled with the physical nature of God, especially when the concept of the death of God is considered.

The author states that "When we say God died we do not say that he died as a creator or a father but as a son" but this statement cannot be reconciled with the central Muggletonian tenant that the spirit cannot be separated from the body.


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