A Remonstrance from the Eternal God
Author   John Reeve & Lodowick Muggleton
Year of Publication  

1653, 1791, 1831 and 1854

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This short volume is directed at the government of England and starts by outlining the crimes of Tanee and Robbins, it then makes the claim concerning the two prophets that:

"That we two only are the last men that ever shall speak or write by commission from the true God unto the powers and people whilest the world endureth"

The work then goes on to list the six "spiritual things" that the Lord has sent the prophets to declare (Chapter II v15). "

"What the person of God is, and his devine natyre; and what the persons of the holky angels are, and their natures; and what the person of the devil was before his fall, and what his person is and shall be to eternity; and what condition Adam was created in, and how he came to fall; also, what the glory of heaven is, and the residence of it to eternity; and what hell and eternal death is, and the place of it to eternity."

The work then recaps the previous letter to ministers and the nature and unjustness of their trial and imprisonment.


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