The aim of this web site is to encourage and support the study of Muggletonianism through:

Muggletonianism is an ideal area for student level academic study, of both a historical and a theological nature. The sources are self contained, accessible and the primary documentation is in the public domain.

I have attempted to scrupulously respect copyright and I will take any suggestion that I have breached copyright seriously. While certain documents and images published on this site are under copyright (in respect or either content or formatting) I have no objection to my documents being used for non commercial purposes as long as proper attribution is made to this site when they are used.

Many of the documents contained in this site are downloaded in Acrobat pdf format (requiring at least version six of Acrobat), the majority of which are searchable. This feature is especially useful for tasks such as locating the Prophets letters that mention the Medgate rebellion where the documentation is not indexed. As the quality of the original documents are variable the search accuracy may at times be imperfect. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat reader (of at least version six) installed you can download this free software here. I apologise that the navigation of this site requires a broadband connection, I was unable to reduce the size of files without an unacceptable reduction in the quality of the downloaded documents.


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I would also like to thank certain people for their support for this project.



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